MyMouse for Android

MyMouse is a free app that allows simulate the actions of a computer mouse with a lot of advantages, also give the tools for the development of cool and innovative apps.

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MyMouse is available for AndroidTV and Windows OS.

Download the best versión that fits with your needs, or try both. We´re sure that you´ll love surfing for the different options of our interface.

Connect up to two devices simultaneously, MyMouse uses client-server architecture just connect to the same local network as your TV with “androidTV” or computer with “Windows OS” and scan the QR code. It's that simple to connect with your preferred device.







Our idea is that MyMouse turns into a develop tool that helps to the creation of cool and innovate apps, but we´re aware that we are not alone, we need you as a fearless and visionary developers with feel like making different things. The commitment of always keep updated for you feel free of create, it´s time to change.
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Browse through the simple and friendly interface, MyMouse is simple to configure choose the options that best suit your needs and give it a try.